Non-Typical Labs

***Our puppies are some of the finest Retrievers in the Country***

We strive to produce healthy, working, attractive dogs. All of our dogs are health tested to in order to give your puppy the best possible chance at a healthy lifestyle. We offer a 26 month written health guarantee against genetic defect that we stand behind 100%. We also offer lifetime commitment and support to you and your puppy. Every puppy delivered is raised in our home and treated as if it were going to be one of our own.

We pride ourselves on raising some of the finest Labrador Retriever pups and placing them in loving homes across the country. Listed below is a brief synopsis of our "Building a Gundog" Program and what you can expect from us as a breeder with your Non-Typical Lab puppy during the time they are with us. Not only do our pups make phenomenal gundogs, they are devoted and loving family companions.

Building a Gundog

​1-4 Weeks: Puppies receive early mental stimulation and socialization skills

​4 Weeks: Puppies are introduced to wings and gunfire

​5 Weeks: Puppies are introduced to waterfowl. Exposure to gunfire and wings continue.

​6 Weeks: Puppies are introduced to live birds, sheds, gunfire exposure in close quarters

​7 Weeks: Picks are made between 7 and 8 weeks of age. It is not uncommon for our pups to retrieve live birds at this point in the program and gun shots fired directly on top of your pup.

By the time your pick is made at 7 weeks of age your puppy will have been fully exposed to our "Building a Gundog" program and has been field prepped to give them the highest probability of success.